Thursday, October 16, 2008

Size Matters?

I have noticed that the product sizes we buy are becoming smaller. We use to buy granola bars in a 10 oz. box with 10 bars in the package; then the box had 8.9 oz. and the most recent box was 7.4 oz. Of course the boxes are approximately the same size and have the same number of bars, so it is difficult to tell the difference.  Only by checking the labels and remembering the old amounts can we tell the difference.  The price is usually slightly more as well. So you are getting less for more.

God is always the same. As times get more difficult He doesn't reduce the size of his grace.  He will always be there, He will always answer our prayers (though not necessarily the way or at the time we want them answered).  In a unstable world He is always there always the same size!


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